Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We Are One Step Closer to the Zombie Apocalypse

Every couple of days or so, I seem to go on a rant about how we're all going to die in an apocalypse and, usually, it's got to do with zombies. So, naturally, I thought it was hilarious when I saw this and then this and what the heck, I'll link to this one too.

I don't know about you, but I can't stop laughing. Nazi zombies in Austin, TX. Too funny!

Since this post has clearly gone into the pointless-and-absurd realm of posts (you know, kind of like that black hole beneath the kitchen sink that Mom is sure leads to H-E-double hockey sticks) we might as well throw a few PSAs in as well.

I'm filling the role of Temporary Weekday Daddy over at Islanders Point Blank. Big ups to CB for letting me keep all my Islander rantings away from you guys. Seriously, you should probably thank him for that.

Loser Domi is fantasizing about Wendell Clark. Not really. But I don't think there's anyone who is better at NHL fiction than she.

Dave is kickin' A and takin' names over at Carolina on Ice. Or at least that's what it appears from a quick glance at the lovely pictures.

And last but not least Ryan is all over the Super Bowl. You know, the thing with the helmets and the angry men.

So there we go. Shameless plugs, zombie attacks and hilarious road signs all in one post. I think that about covers it, no?


  1. The second zombi attack sign was just a friendly warning about the upcoming battle of two hockey zombie team, Islanders and Thrashers, as you can see in the thingy at the bottom of the photo...

  2. sleza: I kinda want to bring back the golden mullet, just for that comment