Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bill Guerin Trade Watch, Impromptu Live Blog

Hour 25, 7:52: And the gerbil falls out of the wheel. Botta reports there will be no news from the Isles tonight and NO TRADE. This just in: several reports of suicides all over the NY area.. seems that the popular toy "Ball In Cup" has been used as a noose. What a shame.

This whole thing has ended just as silly as it began. - Dave

Hour 25, 7:46:
So Billy Guerin on a line with Mike Richards could lead to more of "The Shift"s?

How old was Guerin when Mike Richards was born, 31? Somebody should look that up or something.

Hour 25, 7:40:
Currently cherishing my last moments with Bill as an Islander with a bottle of wine and Aerosmith's "I don't want to miss a thing" playing on repeat. - Kevin

Hour 25, 7:24: Botta is saying Flyers or Caps. Jesus this is stupid. -Dave

Hour 25:'s
front page makes no mention of the Guerin thing but does have a little box in the bottom corner with a pic of Caps and a link to this video:

Is it just me or is the NHL getting some good PR here lately? Bettman's conspiracy or the what-have-yous, the league is doing fairly well in a terrible time to be in the entertainment business. Alex Ovechkin is a big reason why hockey is slowly working its way to the American people.-Dave

Hour 25:
As we enter another hour, it's time to ask yourself -- is this really what your life has come down to? A trade involving the worst team in the NHL for what should amount to a decent player and a second round pick. Yes. Yes it has. And it's totally the most fun I've had all day. - Kevin

Hour something, whatever time it is: No news and no update from Chris Botta since 6:00. In other news, this is "Stains" the dog that E!s The Soup discovered:

Hour 24 6:32: Kevin is taking over the Fanhouse with a live blog about this redonkulousness. Dave's here to keep you warm and snuggly. Lost amidst all this trade deadline stuff/Guerin nonsense comes news of the Steve Ott indefinite suspension by the NHL for intent to injure Travis Moen of Anaheim.

Video of the incident:

Eye gouging? Whoah. Does Steve Ott like to drink his duck liver with "fava beans and a nice chianti?"
Hour 24, 6:24: On BallHype, The Program comments "Imagine if it knocked out power as the Isles made the announcement. That would be too cruel I know." Cruel? Yes. Typical of the Islanders? Absolutely. I'm actually betting that this is what will happen, especially considering the eight inches of, um, Snow we're supposed to get.

Hour 24, 6:19: According to TSN's Darren Dreger "the identity of this mystery team is being concealed in fear the trade will fall apart." What? Does this Mystery Team think their fans are going to be pissed when they hear they're getting Guerin or is this some crappy variation of the Dating Game?

Hour 24, 6:14: ...while another steps to the ledge of the Throgs Neck Bridge.

Hour 24, 6:12: An Islander fan bravely asks for permission to go eat dinner.

Hour 24, 6:10: I hope he gets traded to a Western Conference team, just as a way for Garth to totally fuck with the North American Hockey Media.

Hour 24, 6:05: Changed the name of the post title to Impromptu Live Blog. Wouldn't want people getting confused, thinking we had actually planned something this boring.

Hour 24, 6:03 PM: Guerin trade watch has brought the world to a stand still. No joke, these are the top five searchs on Google Trends right now: 1) Corey Smith 2) night at the roxbury 3) man of the house 4) Marquis Cooper 5) FSN Pittsburgh

Hour 24, 6:00 PM: WOOOO WE MADE IT!!! 24 hours of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Hour 23, 5:58: Checked Bill Guerin's facebook status. It says "lmao suckers".

Hour 23, 5:55: Just recieved an email from Job Listings, the Devils wanted to let me know that they appreciate my interest, but their goaltending job has been filled.

Hour 23, 5:51: Long Island is expecting eight inches of Snow tonight. Interpret that however you like.

Hour 23, 5:48 PM: Really glad I stayed in last night so that I could cover the trade when it came down.

Hour 23, 5:45 PM: CB hasn't posted in over two hours. Long Islanders frantically run into the street and run their laptops over with cars. Those with desktops start to beat them with a bat.

Hour 23, 5:42 PM: I don't know why I called this a semi-live blog. Probably because we're live blogging one of the least important events of the 21st century.

Hour 23, 5:40 PM: Rumor has is Guerin wants to retire with the team he started it all with. Garth is on the phone with the Central Massachusetts U-8 travel team.

Hour 23, 5:36 PM: Refreshing Point Blank for the 6 millionth time this weekend. CB owes Bill and Garth dinner when this is all over.

Hour 23, 5:33 PM: My cat is telling me she has sources. She says Guerin to Panthers for color commentator and former Islander Denis Potvin (4 meows). This is getting out of hand.

Hour 23, 5:30 PM: The Capitals game is over. Maybe they were waiting until Ovechkin finished up before they told him about his new home on Long Island.

Hour 23, 5:28 PM: This thing is still dragging on, and we're getting into the hours where sleep deprivation starts to take it's toll. I don't know why I'm starting this post. Probably has something to do with the fact that there's nothing on TV other than basketball and NASCAR. I'd rather watch Golden Girls repeats on Lifetime than suffer through any of that.


  1. "Long Island is expecting eight inches of Snow tonight. Interpret that however you like."

    Giggity. You said eight inc.. oh nevermind.

  2. It's probably not something that's fun to think about.