Thursday, March 5, 2009

Freebasin': Random Thoughts Cause I've Got Nothing Else

Wikipedia -- a website on which everything is true (I'm still waiting for that Cassel/Guerin trade!) -- provides the following definitions for the term freebase.

  • Freebase (chemistry), the standalone basic form of an amine, usually an alkaloid natural product, as opposed to its water-soluble salt form.
  • Freebase (database), an "open, shared database of the world's knowledge" developed by Metaweb.

There are actually more definitions, including the whole jumping off really high structures thing, but I was too lazy to copy them. Today, we're not doing any drugs. We're going to go with the database one. This is a post that is an "open, shared database of my thoughts."

First off, how about that trade deadline, huh? 

Kidding! I'm only kidding! I'm sure you're sick and tired of it at this point (I am) and let's face it, unless you're a fan of the Flames, your team wasn't really a winner and hell, even Flames fans aren't happy about the whole ordeal. 

And then, if you really want to hear my thoughts on the deadline (I know you don't but bear with me), you can take a listen to the Program's podcast I partook in last night. That was a lot of fun and Chris and Rick are really good guys who sure do know a lot about hockey. That was my first time doing any sort of non-written media and I think, for now, I'm certainly sticking to the written thing. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun, but I'm no professional orator. Barack Obama hangs his head in disappointment. But anyway, thanks to the folks over there for putting up with me and you should really check out their stuff.

Right now, the Islanders are playing the Rangers and Sean Avery has not gotten benched or suspended yet. I think we may have to go with a full-on Avery watch, cause you know this is just a powder keg waiting to explode. This is like the NHL's version of Terrell Owens except he's more fun and less of a team killer. 

That's about all for now, but we may have a big surprise towards the end of next week... Hopefully... And if you're not doing so already, you can be having fun with us all hours of the day over on Twitter.

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