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Thanks for playing along with me this morning everyone! The live blog continues with Loser Domi, so head on over to the main page of the site, as we're starting a new post (or click here). I'll leave you with this:

"Bob McKenzie's" eighth rule of trade deadline fight club: "And the eighth and final rule, if this is your first night at Trade Deadline Fight Club, you have to make a trade that robs the Islanders blind."


Here we go! St. Louis sends Andy Wozniewski to Pittsburgh for Danny Richmond (who?).


Apparently this post hasn't filtered through Google Reader yet. Which makes no sense that this ALWAYS HAPPENS, since Blogger is also owned by Google... Also, getting ready to hand the baton to Domi in a few minutes.



Leopold goes from Colorado to Calgary for Nycholat, a prospect and a pick. And yes, the second half of that deal is that vague.

11:41 is reporting that ESPN is reporting that Marty Biron says he won't be traded. It's like the hockey edition of the game Telephone. Biron's got a NTC so I would take his word for it.


This dog probably has more street cred than all of us combined.


Is the TSN Tradecentre app working? No trades have been added in almost two hours and they spelled 'center' wrong.


BREAKING NEWS: Commenter Sleza has acquired Brad Pitt and a Brangelina Child to Be Named Later. More details to follow...


"Bob McKenzie's" seventh rule of trade deadline fight club: "trades will cease at 3PM. Cause you have to do something at work today."


We have our first Alex Ovechkin sighting of the day.

(And no, that's not actually Alex.)


"Bob McKenzie's" sixth rule of trade deadline fight club: "no shoes, no shirt -- unless you're Hitchcock, Burke or Barrie."


Apparently, Bryan Murray's last words to Antoine Vermette were "I'm not your buddy, guy."


ZOMG: Reports out of Canada this morning said Don Cherry was seen trying to fight a homeless man in downtown Toronto. According to Cherry, "he looked like Alex Ovechkin and had those beady Euro eyes." All this started when the homeless man asked Cherry if this was planet Xandon 5.


James Mirtle has a graph.


"Bob McKenzie's" fifth rule of trade deadline fight club: "one beer at a time, fellas."

Someone really needs to make a fight club photoshop of Bob.


In other news, don't take your kids to this zoo.


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Darren Dreger says Connolly signs for 2 years, $9 million. There may or may not be a bonus that kicks in if he isn't being a self-centered dink.


"Bob McKenzie's" fourth rule of trade deadline fight club: "only two guys to a fight, unless one of them is Alex Semin. In that case, one girl is allowed."


Sorry for the delay. Amazingly, nothing happened while I was gone... I was on the phone with Bryan Murray and he said he liked my style, so he offered me a seven-year deal. When I said I needed to think about it, he screamed at me incoherently and hung up.


Over/under on how many hits TSN gets today... We'll start the line at eleventy billion.


"Bob McKenzie's" third rule of trade deadline fight club: "When one GM yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over and the winner gets a third round pick."


ZOMG: Chris Pronger asks to be traded to a Canadian team, cause he has a craving for Tim Horton's.


James Duthie celebrates the first trade of the day.


"Bob McKenzie's" second rule of trade deadline fight club: "There are ABSOLUTELY NO absolutes."


TSN -- Sabres are offering Connolly $4 million per for 2 to miss 2/3 of their games due to injury. Sens give Kuba a 3 year extension worth 3.7 per.

10:04 AM

So there you go BJ fans, the Jackets make an early move to say Yes, They Can to the playoffs. That's encouraging. And all they gave up was a goalie they didn't need and a 2nd rounder.

10:01 AM

WTF was I saying about LeClaire? TSN reports Ottawa acquires him and a 2nd rounder for Antoine Vermette. Hey, even if I'm wrong, so is Eklund. So that's something.

10:00 AM

Bob McKenzie's first rule of trade deadline fight club: "There are absolutely no absolutes."

9:55 AM

Eklund is reporting that the Leafs are interested in Pascal Leclaire. Did he forget that 1) Leclaire hasn't played since Dec 18 2) had ankle surgery in early January sidlining him through March and 3) the Leafs don't need him and it goes against all logic that they would be buyers at this point, especially with Toskala playing better?

9:52 AM

Was just on the phone with Brian Burke and he told me the following:

Told Kaberle we'd move him last night. Thanked him for his service and gave
him a firm handshake. In hindsight, it might have been too firm.

9:48 AM

Today, I feel like living up to the picture of bloggers that James Duthie painted yesterday. So, throughout the morning, I'm just going to make up some fake rumors. They'll be labeled "ZOMG" so if you miss this entry, you might think they're real. Actually, I hope people start thinking they're real cause this could get really funny. Here's the first one:

ZOMG: Islanders rumored to be offering Bill Guerin, Doug Weight and 1982 Championship banner to Anaheim for 2007 Championship banner and future lunch considerations. Apparently, the Islanders want to be able to say they've won something in the last 20 years.

9:43 AM

Here's some nightmare fuel to go with your breakfast.

9:35 AM

OK, I'm going to try and catch up on somethings that happened last night.

Alex Burrows of the Canucks signed a four-year extension.

Dominic Moore and Nik Antropov and were held out of Toronto's lineup for trade precautions.

Pierre LeBrun reports the Islanders are trying to move Guerin. Shocker.

And apparently Chris Pronger is off the market.

Marian Hossa went to the hospital, but is apparently OK.

And rumor out of Ottawa is Jason Spezza got in a fight last night. Still not sure I believe it despite video evidence saying otherwise.

9:30 AM

Screw it, I'm bored. Let's get this started.

Hello folks and welcome to the BMR Trade Deadline Live-Blog-Tacular! I'm all ready for some trades that will certainly not help my favorite team make the playoffs (can we put a stamp on Bill Guerin and mail him somewhere already?). However, some of you may get that ever important Marian Hossa-type who gets you to the Finals before losing to the Red Wings in six games. Or, you could get a month and a half of Ryan Smyth and his tears, lose in the first round, and be golfing before you know it.

Anyway, glad to have you here with me. Your blogger schedule is as follows, all times eastern standard:

Now - Noon, Yours Truly
Noon - 2pm, Loser Domi
2pm - 4pm, Ryan

Now let's get the party started!

And hey, if you have any rumors/comments/suggestions/whatevers, either put em in the comments or email me (


  1. The electro kitten is mad because nothing happens

  2. First off, Happy Trade Deadline Day Christmas Spectacular Kwanzaa! I am so pumped. Secondly, TSN just reported that the Sabs and Timmy Connolly are close to a 2 year deal worth more than $4 million per. Also, it seems that Blue Cross Blue Shield raised the premiums it charges the Sabres.

  3. Electro Kitty will be happy, apparently Vermette for Leclaire. They have hockey in Ohio now? Where have I been?

  4. @sleza - I think the electro kitten just SPARKED some moves... BAHAHAHAHAHA


    @BC - Happy TDDCSK to you too!

  5. @ Kevin - In that case, it must hate Senators...

  6. I am hopeful that all the moves the Lightening made in the offseason will result in multiple trades with them today. That's all that team is good for currently.

  7. James Dushie is jealous because he can't call upstairs and have his Mom bring a plate of meatloaf down.

  8. i'm loving the trade deadline fight club rules. this is going to be an entertaining day.

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Sabres paying Connolly $4.5/2 years. I hope the Super Glue is free.

  10. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with this breakneck pace later today.

  11. I do not want the kids though... but I can consider his brother

  12. @Ryan: At least you'll have some trades to discuss instead of inane ramblings?

  13. Maybe.... maybe.

    I just want a shoutout from Wyshynski

  14. Jokinen possibly to Calgary? Kournikova possibly to my basement?

  15. @BC: I give that second one an E5000 if you have internet access down there.

  16. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2

  17. wozniewski (blues) to pittsburgh for richmond

  18. @Kevin: how bout a real doll with blond hair? Put that at e(4).

    I wish I had a flask at work to make the first 4 hours of this coverage tolerable until the trades actually start happening round 2.