Wednesday, March 4, 2009


4:05: All right, its Erik Cole to Carolina and Justin Williams to LA. That's it for me. I'm outta here. It's been real. Hopefully you will be drinking with me tomorrow, and hopefully I will some day get my Wyshynski shoutout

3:59: I'm sticking around until I get all the info on this O'Sullivan deal. I'm also putting off a phone call to the bank.

3:57: Looks like the O'Sullivan deal was a menage e trois. O'Sullivan is actually going to the Oilers.

3:54: We had the ice girl for BC, and now something for the ladies. George Parros glamor shot!

3:52: Patrick O'Sullivan goes to the Canes, which means that the Canes and Kings have now done something. Building for the future in Carolina

3:44: Here I am, thinking we are done with the trades, but they keep rolling in. The Ducks, who I think have made 52 deals today, trading Sami Pahlson to the Hawks and Travis Moen and Kent Huskins to the Sharks for who knows what. I think this makes the Oilers, Wild, Caps, Preds, Wings, Blues, Kings, Habs and Canucks the teams that haven't done anything today. Let me know if I'm wrong.

3:42: Oh right, Kyle McClaren to Philly.

3:41: I jsut checked the work e-mail (I'm off today, live blogging from mom's basement) and apparently we now have Alberta as a client. Olli Jokinen and I have something in common. Getting a paycheck from Calgary.

3:36: With all the sweet action the 'Yotes have been involved in today, I can't help but post this picture of a real Phoenix shirt. Welcome Petr Prucha!

3:35: In other "trades made for the sake of making last minute trades" news, goalie Kevin Lalande is going from Calgary to Columbus.

3:33: Oh look! A for reals trade left over! Steve Eminger goes from one Florida team to another. OK, "real trade" may be a stretch.

3:31: Hilariously, the Wild Trade Deadline blog hasn't been updated in about four hours.

3:25: BREAKING: I have made lunch, Campbell's Chunky. It's delicious.

3:18: Tkachuk and Hinote to the Wild for James Sheppard! On my copy of NHL 09. Not in real life. I think we'll be stuck on the Eric/k trade.

3:12: Finally the blockbuster we've been waiting for. Erik Christensen was traded to the Ducks, with the thrashers acquiring Eric O'Dell. An all Eric trade! Wait. No. It's an Eric/Erik trade.

3:09: At long last, confirmation. Dominic Moore to Buffalo for a second round pick. Toronto will be the only team picking in the second round this year.

3:03: Respectable haul for the Coyotes for Morris. Prucha, Kalinin, and Dawes to Phoenix. Add that to Upshall, Lombardi and Prust, and you have an entirely different team in Phoenix.

3:01: Oh, thank goodness. Derek Morris to the Rangers, and you are spared stories about my skin problems. I thought Morris was dead, but it turns out he just played for the Coyotes.

3:00: The deadline has arrived. We're just waiting for reports to filter in. If none come, I'm telling you all about my rash.

2:57: Three minutes to go. Live picture from Long Island. (I assume since it's an hour later there, it's already dark)

2:53 - I am here for the Leafs trade and I was here for the Islanders trade. Still nothing from the Wild. Liveblogging sucks. The Leafs, by the way, received a couple picks for Antropov

2:51 - I need to keep saying things so Sleza can comment on them. She needs to get to the top 5! Less than 10 minutes to go, still no shout out to me from Wyshynski...

2:49 -Here we go. Now some things are rolling in. Chris Neil is going to the Panthers, Nik Antropov is a Ranger and Daniel Carcillo and Scottie Upshall are changing places.

2:45 - 15 minutes to go, and Calgary seems to be the only team that wants to make any deals.

2:43 - Kevin, closer to Long Island than I, tells me that there is rioting at the Coliseum.

2:39 - Versus is taking us into the deadline with an infomercial for gas fireplaces. Also, I just got off the phone with Doug Risebrough. He thought the deadline was NEXT Wednesday.

2:32 - Less than a half an hour to go until the deadline, and everyone's thoughts, of course, are on my dog's eyes. In some cultures (Saskatchewan) they are said to have mystical healing abilities

2:29 - For an update on the Forsberg situation, please consult the comments, where LD seems to know more than me. For an image of an ice girl, stay right here.

2:26 - Pressing my luck... goofy NHL headline. Earlier, (since changed) they said that the Avs had "acquired Nycholat, Wilson and a pick". Oooh

2:24 - The computer totally just ate it. Awesome. Things seem back to normal. I was about to post something about a goofy headline earlier on, but I think Bettman ruined my computer instead.

2:13 - Now seems just as good a time as any to let you know you can get a hold of me at Assure me that the Wild have enough offense even if they don't make a trade to get to the playoffs this year.

2:08 - TSN tells me that the Islanders get a conditional draft pick for Guerin. My dog is unimpressed.

2:06 - What the hell is this, Eastern time? This is going to take some getting used to.

2:03 - What's up dudes. I'm going to take us down to the deadline and a little past. Great work by Kevin (Guerin to the Penguins! Here come Tavares!) and LD. I haven't had a chance to really work with her yet, but I still tell everyone she is my Canadian girlfriend


  1. awwww...thanks Ryan. 'cept I'm actually American in Canada

  2. Close enough?

    And thank goodness the nightmare on LI is now over. But I still don't know what we got for him!! I'm assuming Crosby and/or Malkin to be safe.

  3. Well right, but every dude has a mysterious girl in Canada that nobody else has ever met.

  4. Your dog is staring deep into my soul.

  5. There was something about Foppa and retiring in the previous post... What is going on and why my favourite swedish sites know nothing about this? (If there weren't anything about Foppa and I'm just hallucinating, please ignore this)

  6. Sleza, there was something on TSN saying that Foppa is planning to announce he is retiring from the NHL tonight. I don't know why the Swedish sites are saying nothing. But at least I'm hallucinating with you

  7. So basically, what I have learned thus far is that your dog's eyes are made out of pumpkin.

  8. Yei, I'm not hallucinating. But I'm gonna miss that SOB if he retires :/ And I won't be pleased with hockeyexpressen, sportbladet and hockeykanalen if all three failed to mention that kind of small info...

  9. God bless you Ryan for that pic. Its been too long on this site without one.

  10. So, Capitals aren't making trades and won't go too far with current goalies... who should I root for after they're out?
    I'll be here until I'm in top 5 in that list thingy...

  11. And Antropov for a bucket of picks and this used blanket which in NO WAY contains smallpox.

  12. There're like about 20 teams I don't hate and Antropov couldn't be traded to any of those? This sucks more than Caps PP

  13. Kalinin to Phoenix... poor dude

  14. Phoenix made out like bandits today, jeez

  15. Caps have done something... depress me

  16. In that regard, the Wild have made me angry.

  17. Well done everybody! It was like an internet pants party!

    Thanks Kev, LD and Ryan, my clients were not well served today thanks in part to your efforts.

  18. It have been a while since I went out with Hostpph community to drink. If I could. I would go to drink.