Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Philadelphia at Detroit)

Do you know how long it's been since we wrote a post on the Red Wings? We haven't had anything tagged "Red Wings" since Marian Hossa tried to get in a fight on the 19th of February. What's happened since then? Nothing. Nothing has happened with the Detroit Red Wings since Scottie Bowman retired. They are still really good. They still might win the Cup. They still have Nicklas Lidstrom. Nothing ever happens with the Red Wings. All the more reason to drink, I guess.


... when Sports Soup is promoted. Twice if you know anyone who has actually watched it. 5 times if YOU have actually watched it.

... when the Red Wings inevitably take the lead, and the announcer's inevitably make reference to it being good for Detroit, as though the Wings are going to fix the economy.

... if the home town of Flyers D-man Randy Jones is mentioned. Quispamsis, New Brunswick. Hell, go have one now and keep saying it. Quispamsis. Quispamsis.

... if you're still not convinced that "Joffrey" is a real name

... for every tooth Kronwall knocks out


  1. No matter how many drinks I have, it doesn't kill the pain of having to watch sports soup.

    It's classic, I turn on Versus for the game, watch the game, and in a stupor just sort of leave it on and pick up the laptop. Then the most awful thing in the world kicks in.


  2. "Joffrey" is NOT a real name, his parents just were drunk when decided it.