Monday, March 2, 2009

Ways to Immediately Spark an All Out Brawl #34

Do what Ryan Letts of the Spokane Chiefs did and just, you know, go 'ah fuck it' and give your opponents goalie a crosscheck to the face. I get the feeling he did it for kicks. Or maybe cause someone double dog dared him to.


  1. This it my team! I was there! Ok there is a better much clearer video here; pop into HD.

    Anyways, Lettsy was a stupid. This was retribution for a hit Aushcak of the Ams ran on Tokarski from the last meet. Which resulted in Jared Cowen snapping.

    The best part, the penalties.

  2. to defend Asuchak, he bumped Tokarski when he wandered behind the net to play the puck and Asuchak received a goalie interference penalty, hardly the same calibre of hit as Letts. Tokarski not even injured, whereas Letts clearly intended to take Pickard out, which he did. And the pointing to the AMS bench he does on his way to the box? the most classless and unsportsmanlike bullshit I've ever witnessed in person.

    I'm know Chiefs and AMS fans view it all differently, go at it, I've said my peace.