Monday, May 14, 2007

Bryan Murray: Trying to Rid the World of Whiners, One at a Time

It's time someone put Lindy Ruff in his place. We need someone to keep all the whining coaches and annoying broadcasters in their places. Thank goodness for Sens coach Bryan Murray, because he's here to to do just that.

Ruff, the Buffalo Sabres head coach, has been complaining about a hit Ottawa's Daniel Alfreddson put on Henrik Tallinder in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final. Tallinder himself even called the play into question.

''There were two [referees] and no one could see it," said Tallinder. "It's pretty amazing.''

Today, Murray responded by laying down the law; "We all complain, that's the bottom line. We have to let the officials make the calls, whether we like them or not. We'll complain. I'll complain too, and you guys will call me a whiner. That's ok.''

The two coaches are no strangers, either. When Murray was GM of the Florida Panthers, Ruff was his assistant coach. Earlier this week, Murray expressed some distaste for the Sabres' leader.

Sens coach Bryan Murray at a press conference, Wednesday.
Brendan McDermid/REUTERS

“Before he became a head coach, he was a funny guy,” Murray said. “Now he’s not funny.”

The best way to wrap this all up, as I see it, is to present to you another episode of Bryan Murray keeping the world safe for all of us non-whiners out there by lashing into Kings TV commentator Jim Fox earlier this season. If you're keeping score at home, try and count how many f-bombs are dropped. (By the way, possibly NSFW due to language.)

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