Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Daily Sniper: Look! Unique Headline Picture!

The Daily Sniper: News and notes from last night's action...

Elsa/Getty Images

Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3: Ottawa 1, Buffalo 0 Well, far be it from us to have original ideas or, you know, intelligent things to say, but we were just sick and tired of seeing this picture over and over on the headlines of some websites. Then again, at least it's more interesting than the one that's here, here and here. All of that griping aside, this picture takes the cake. Any editor who has the balls to put that up on their front page is serious about their work... or just enthralled with reenacting the battles of Ancient Rome. Either way, they probably like the movie Gladiator, and that's certainly a plus in my book. Hmm... Come to think of it, we probably should of just posted a picture of Russell Crowe. Now that would be original.


BOOM! There we go. Look what you made me do. I Bet you would of never thought that you would see that in a Conference Finals post game report! That is, unless he was punching an usher or something like that, in which case it would totally be appropriate.

Oh yea, and there was a game last night too. It was really nothing too interesting, though. Game three was basically the same old, same old from the Sens. By that I mean they controlled the play from start to finish, even though the score didn't quite show it. Ryan Miller was outstanding in net for the Sabres, but his teammates left him out to dry as Buffalo was out shot 32-15. There's a few more stats to tell you about that show just how much the Senators own the Sabres right now. Buffalo's power play was 0-for-6, giving them a nice 0-for-18 on the series and they managed only five, yes five, shots on goal in the third period. At this point, it seems as if Wednesday's Game four will be merely for show. Hopefully Russell Crowe will make an appearance.

EDIT: Oh, and for those of you interested in the Western Final, Chris Kunitz will have surgery on his broken right hand. He's done for the year.

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