Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Daily Sniper: Let's Rip Buffalo's Heart Out One More Time

The Daily Sniper: News and notes from last night's action...

When it looked as if things couldn't get worse for the people living in Buffalo, they did this afternoon. After a lot of renewed (although sort of misplaced) hopes and dreams following the Sabres Game Four win, the team finally succumbed to the Senators, losing 3-2. At home. In overtime. Ouch!

The HSBC Arena in Buffalo was filled to capacity and thousands of fans rallied outside the building to try and carry the Sabres to victory, but it wasn't enough. The team says there was 'over 10,000' fans outside, and from the spot on my couch there was certainly a very large sea of people out there.

On this day, it would be the much criticized Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson scoring the overtime winner, sending his team to it's first ever Stanley Cup Finals berth. He's played in all 94 of the team's playoff games and would become the first European captain to lift the cup, if Ottawa can win four more games.

Congratulations to the Senators, but I'm still going to hold a grudge because they didn't help to make this series as thrilling I thought it should have been (kidding).

For the third year in a row, Canada sends a team to the Finals.
Shaun Best/REUTERS