Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's All Point and Laugh at Colorado's Misfortune!

So it looks as if the Colorado Avalanche are going to be stuck with the six million dollar backup goaltender Jose Theodore for another season. You remember him, right? Former Vezina and Hart winner in 2002. Former Paris Hilton sex puppet boyfriend. Former second coming of Patrick Roy in Montreal. Tested positive for a steroid masking agent that he claimed was an ingredient in Propecia, which is used for hair growth. Look to your right, and tell me that guy needs help growing hair. The point is, he was never quite the same again.

I probably shouldn't be poking so much fun at this situation because my beloved Islanders are in a somewhat similar situation. Ah who am I kidding? Screw it.

Let's take a legal flashback to last March when Theodore was traded from Montreal straight up for former Avs net minder David Aebischer.

'With this acquisition, we are convinced that we are securing our goaltending position for many years," is what Avs Gm Pierre Lacroix had to say at the time. Hey, how's that working out for you guys?

Theodore might stay for another year in Denver. (yes there is such a site)

Year Team GP W L T Min GA SA SO GAA Sv%
2006-07 Colorado 33 13 15 1 1748 95 870 0 3.26 .891
2005-06 Colorado 5 1 3 1 296 15 133 0 3.04 .887
Credit: TSN

Yea... about that. Nonetheless, those numbers have yet to change Lacroix's demeanor.

"What it comes down to is, between the pipes, is there a guy who gives you a better chance to win?"

I could think of a few.

To be fair, it's almost worthless to buyout Theodore. He's a $5.3 million cap hit and $4 million of that would be owed to him in the event of a buy out. Let's figure a decent backup would be in the $800,000 to $1.2 million range and it's a negligible difference.