Tuesday, June 5, 2007

If This Had Lasted Any Longer, Bill Clement Might of Had a Seizure

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Yes folks, that's the Golden Boy and Grapes sitting next to each other. Scary, right? During the intermissions of Game four last night, Don Cherry sat at the NBC desk alongside Brett Hull and Bill Clement. I'm afraid that if I try to imagine their off air conversations for too long, my head will explode. I feel sorry for Clement that he had to sit next to this mess.

A quick translation for those of you not familiar with hockey, Brett Hull or Don Cherry; this would essentially be the same as sitting Terrell Owens next to Terry Bradshaw at the FOX NFL Sunday desk.


Brett Hull: Whats going on?

Bill Clement: We just went to commercial, Brett.

Don Cherry: Now, I don't know how you do things down here in the States, but we're not a bunch of wussies up in Canada. When a damn euro like Danny Alfredsson fires a shot at you, you gotta take it like a man. Niedermayer did and I give him credit for that. But he shoulda just ripped Alfredsson's head off. Back when I was coaching the Rockies I would of just told Chico to drill him next time he gets near him. Take his blocker and clothesline him! That'll get your TV ratings up!

Hull: What? Why is fucking Cherry here?

Clement: We're just doing some cross promotion with CBC. We're trying anything to get ratings up.

Cherry: ...Back then we didn't wear shin guards! If a guy shot at you, you just had to stand there and suck it up!

Hull: What the hell is CBC? I'm so drunk.

Clement: Brett, come on. We're almost back from commercial.

Hull: You don't own me Clement!


I imagine that the conversation was somewhere along those lines between commercials.

In case you missed it, the Canadian Press published a pretty good article on the event. Hull and Cherry got along a lot better than you might imagine, but considering that they both believe in 'old school hockey,' maybe it's not so hard to fathom.

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