Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Thing I Didn't Attempt a Live Blog Today

I've been staring at TSN's UFA Tracker for the past five hours, and the last signing continues to be Vancouver inking Lukas Krajicek and I can't friggin' take it anymore. Someone throw me a bone here. If Alex Auld signed right now, I would be happy. Give me any news. Anything at all.

The only other notes from today...

  • Lots of rumors saying Michael Nylander will go to Edmonton. Nothing official just yet.
  • The Ottawa Sun and the CP are reporting that Tom Preissing has signed in Los Angeles. That puts Ottawa at -1 since the start of free agency.
  • Early this morning Petr Sykora and Darryl Sydor signed on in Pittsburgh. This leaves the Devils and Islanders as the only Atlantic Division teams that haven't made significant additions.
Here's what probably would have happened if I had tried to "live blog" day two...

"3:52 PM EST: There are 17 lights in the main room of my office. I see more lights go on when I go to work in the morning than Bob Boughner did during his entire career...

4:01 John Kruk's hair. How much would it cost the Islanders to sign it? Oh, right. It would probably just sign in Colorado for less money anyway."

...Updates as of 10:50 PM EST
Nylander heads to Washington... Roman Hamrlik to Montreal... Robert Lang to Chicago... Todd Bertuzzi to Anaheim, as the Ducks just get bigger and scarier... And Owen Nolan is back for another year. This time in Calgary...

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  1. According to the washington post, Nylander is going to the Capitals.