Friday, August 17, 2007

Everything I Wanted to Say About NHL 08 and More

Well I was planning to post something about EA Sports' newest video game incarnation, NHL 08, but the guys at Melt Your Face Off beat me to it, and did a hell of a job in the process. So basically, just head over there and check out their post on the subject. Cue the polite golf clap.

Here's an excerpt:

"Create a Play. Possibly the most intriguing new tweak of NHL ‘08 is the create a play feature. Although this may be enjoyable for some folks, I will personally stick with Jacques Lemaire’s “Dump The Puck And Chase” play; not only for it’s dynamic scoring possibilities but also for its entertaining game play. If you think it’s riveting to watch it in live action, just wait until you sit in awe watching Marian Gaborik chase the puck into the corner after Pavol Demitra dumps it in the zone in a video game. Now that’s living."

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