Friday, August 17, 2007

Reason to Live Until Next Season #5

I will not mail in the Friday post... I will not mail in the Friday post... Shit. Too late.

The summer months can be long, hot and boring. In hockey terms -- the summer sucks. Beach season is great and all, but it's also a reminder that hockey is still far, far away. Hockey fans, this summer, please try and keep your sanity. To help you survive the long summer months, I'll be taking the time to remind you of the reasons why it's a good idea to make sure you live to see next season. Please, don't do anything rash this summer.

Reason to Live #5: Because your arch rival needs a good whoopin'

It might be a Monday night in the middle of January when your team is in last place, and your chances for a playoff spot are about as good as my chances of getting into Jessica Alba's pants. Somehow, I don't think she likes the pasty white blogger type. But all of that doesn't matter tonight -- your team's arch nemesis is in town and all you can think about is beating the ever loving snot out of them.

In last place?

Sold off all of your superstars at the trade deadline?

Cold and depressing weather outside?

Wife taped over your copy of the Miracle on Ice?

No problem... That is, as long as your boys win tonight. Tonight, all of that doesn't matter as long as you earn bragging rights. It'll be so sweet tomorrow at work when that dweeb from IT will finally shut up about how good the Maple Leafs are and how this is 'their year' because your Habs took them to the cleaners last night.

Here are some pretty sweet rivalry brawls (and one goal) to get the blood flowing...



Red Wings/Avs



  1. With Jessica Alba you might be aiming a little too high. I hear that those Buffalo Girls are really easy though.

  2. Go big or go home, that's what I always say. But those Buffalo girls do look entertaining.

  3. A little late but hey, it's summer--I can be slow.

    I just wanted to say that "goalie fights" may be among the greatest of tags ever.

    That is all