Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hockey Isn't Covered by MSM... or is it?

We've heard it time and time again from the MSM media. No one cares about hockey, the sport is dying, blah, blah, blah. In case you wanted to know, Sports Business Daily reminded of us that yesterday.

SBD published a study of what people are seeing/reading when they watch Sports Center or pick up a newspaper. What information are they being fed? If you're watching Sports Center, then it's a lot of Baseball and Basketball (oh shit, really?). If you like FSN Final Score better, you're seeing twice as much baseball than those of us watching Sports Center. The whole thing is really pretty interesting.

An interesting point; the newspapers in the study pay attention to hockey almost twice as much as Sports Center and Final Score do (granted that's partially because the LA Times is all over the Ducks like white on rice since they won the Cup). Hear that ESPN? Somebody out there loves us! That being said, coverage of the NHL on Sports Center ranks behind only MLB, NBA, NFL and a category called "etc." That is surprising, considering the study ranks hockey ahead of NASCAR in Sports Center coverage. To see all this for yourself, click here.

SportsWatch: What Top Sports News Outlets Covered During May


  1. The internet and HDTV is the way of the future for hockey. I gave up on ESPN a looooong time ago. If you read any newspaper in the country you will see more inches devoted to hockey because it is a legitimate sport with a legitimate fan base. I could care less if ESPN covers it or not.

  2. and the NHL is doing a great job with these new mediums. Supposedly they are going to have their own version of MLB.tv up and running for this season. I sure hope so. It's a little hard to watch Islander games in South Carolina.