Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Obligatory Link Dump

As regular readers of the blog may have noticed, I'm not really a fan of blatant link dumping. I think it has the potential for taking away from the quality of a blog, and in my opinion, it generally bores readers. There is just so much stuff out there, and everybody recaps everything that happens everyday with a link dump post already, I don't feel the need to have random, boring link dumps.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not saying blogs shouldn't link to each other. Far from it, in fact. I just think that there's a way to do it that not only recognizes someone who takes the time to link to you, or has originally posted an idea/opinion/story, while not bringing down the quality of the piece you are writing. I like to believe that I am pretty okay at this, as I usually try to throw in a whole bunch of links to any long winded post that I write. I don't cite them all at the bottom of a post or write in caps 'HEY LOOK WHERE I GOT THIS FROM!!', but I do try and cite everything that needs to be cited. If I didn't, that would be almost like stealing. I'm not about to steal anything from anyone.

Anyway, the point to all this is that over the last three months there have been quite a few people who have linked to BMR, high fived me, or done something in some way to support the site. They have taken the time to give BMR some props, and it's only right that I do the same for them. Do onto others... You know how it goes.

Hopefully this list is all inclusive of the people I need to thank, and if someone's left out, just let me know and I'll update it. For those like myself who don't like a daily/weekly/hourly post that link dumps, this might be the last extremely blatant one for a while. But fear not dear bloggers! See that link list on the left hand side? It's gonna be greatly expanded in the near future. Heck, maybe I'll do that when I'm done writing this. And of course, I'll still be hyper linking the shit out of everything and giving props where needed, so it's not like I'm never going to link to anything ever again. Things are just going to go back to normal. The sun will rise tomorrow, the earth will still revolve and I'll still hyper link to kick ass places of interest on these internets.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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