Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recoil From Monday's Disaster

This picture makes my ears bleed.


It's time to face the facts. That post on Monday about hockey blogging for beginners was the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane around these inconsequential parts of the blog sandbox/area/cage. To say that the reaction was cheeky and irreverent, would probably be a misnomer. Positive and negative praises were thrown around, with the former edging out the victory. That being said, I am amazed at the lack of swear words that came towards my general direction. It was a piece that was supposed to make people laugh, and apparently, that did in fact occur with some success.

One of the issues I wanted to address today was the three people that voted the post down on Ballhype. I really don't care that anyone voted it down. I knew not everyone would like it and if you want to vote it down, then by all means vote it down. If everyone posted positive comments all the time, it'd be a pretty shitty world (+10 to anyone who got that hyperlinked reference). I would imagine, something like the 1960s if everyone and their dog had been high. Oh... wait. Right. That being said, even though Ballhype doesn't show users who voted down posts, I have a sneaking suspicion as to whom it was. It wasn't three people, but one person with three accounts!

You'll get yours Messier! YOU'LL GET YOURS!!!!

And now in case you missed it... Part 2 of the beginner's guide for hockey bloggers as per you, the BMR readers. Best. Comments. Ever. Thanks to all who chimed in on the subject.

"Every blogger should be required to work in the occasional, yet obligatory Super Troopers line." - wufpirate

"You did, however, forget that one out of every ten of your posts should reference Eklund as being a tool. You can't be taken seriously otherwise." - sig

"Don't forget to also mention how you both hate ESPN for not putting up enough highlights on Sportscenter but also mention how much you miss NHL2Night." - BlackCapricorn

"regularly dump on Bettman, including references to his height and mocking comments about the Versus deal" - Mt

"Don't forget... claiming that the referees are, yet also are not, calling enough penalties" -gwyshynski

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