Monday, September 17, 2007

Counting Down to Opening Night: In 12 Days... will be Duck hunting season. No, not these Ducks:

These Ducks:


  1. If we're talking duck hunting, can we at least have those bright orange plastic rifles?

    I got those on the brain becasue the bar I usually go to just put in a brand-new version of Big Buck hunter. It was in use all night long. Then again, drunken debauchery + lotsa booze does in fact = good times!

  2. Umm...I meant drunken debauchery + blowing things up. Crap, I can't type today

  3. It's really pretty amazing how stupid games can get so much more fun when alcohol is involved. And yes, please bring plastic rifles. BB Guns are always fun =)

  4. "BB Guns are always fun =)"

    But you'll shoot your eye out! :D