Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Round Pick to Play in Bear Costume

According to the Patriot News, Capitals 2006 first round pick Nicklas Backstrom may start the season playing in a bear costume. I didn't really read the article, to say that I skimmed it would be more accurate, but judging by the title I figured that's what the author was trying to get at. I guess it's one of Ted Leonisis' new marketing tactics or something.


  1. I skimmed and saw that he might be a Hershey Bear--does that mean he'll be dipped in chocolate? chocolate

    /Homer Simpson

  2. I had to do a double-take since I thought that was a photo of Ken Hitchcock wearing a Pat Quinn suit.

  3. mmmm... chocolate bearssss

    @ James: thats not Hitch? Damn, that's what I thought I was posting.