Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Official BMR Fantasy League

Thanks to commenter blues 4 stanley cup, we've now got a handy dandy BMR Fantasy Hockey League. Anyone who's interesed is welcome to sign up, I just ask that you be serious! We don't need anyone who's going to miss the draft and stop checking their team in mid-November. Right now there is only four teams, including my own, so hopefully we can fill that up. I don't know how many teams the league is set up for, but I would assume 10 or 12, since it's a Yahoo league.

If you're interested, head on over to Yahoo Fantasy Sports and sign up. Check out the comments on the fantasy hockey post from Wednesday for all the details. Again, serious entries please!

And if you're wondering, my team name is Keanu Reeves on Ice in the league. It's a poorly thought out reference to the final tip in my fantasy hockey guide, and I've really got to rethink that one. Sorry for fucking that one up guys. Suggestions are appreciated.

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