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2007-08 Preseason Foreplay: Edmonton Oilers

Kevin Lowe's thoughts on the off-season.
Darryl Dyck/Edmonton Sun

Quick hits
  • The Oilers posted 71 points last season, their lowest total since the 1995-96 season. It is also the 5th lowest point total for a non-lockout season in team history.
  • According to the sources in my head, Kevin Lowe has been contemplating sending an offer sheet to Wayne Gretzky in the hopes of having the Great One suit up in orange and blue, thus returning the franchise to it's glory days. Brian Burke and Darcy Regier are reported to be really, really pissed.
  • I'm going to start a campaign to allow the Oilers into the playoffs this season regardless of their record. Why? Because the end results are really fun to watch.
  • It's a bit of an old post, but if you have not seen it, you need to check out Covered in Oil's summation of the Oilers' 2006-07 campaign.

Odds for the folks at gambler's

78 to 1: It's going to be a really, really, really long time before we see something like this happen again. Partly because Patrick Stefan is going to be playing in Europe this winter.

4 to 1: The leading cause of hospital visits in Edmonton this year will be caused by 'Ryan Smyth Related Depression.'

9 to 1: The Oilers are going to have a very comfy home in the basement of the Northwest Division.

Obligatory serious analysis

Apologies for cutting and pasting from an earlier post, but I feel like I summed up my thoughts on the Oilers pretty well in this post. And it's also 3 AM and I really want to go to bed.

Not a snowball's chance in hell [of making the Finals]: Edmonton Oilers
Kevin Lowe's newest incarnation of the Oilers isn't going to get to the playoffs this year. I'm going to make no bones about it. This team fell flat on their faces the second Ryan Smyth walked out the door -- and he's not coming back anytime soon. Joni Pitkanen, Sheldon 'Swiss Cheese' Souray and Dustin Penner have been brought in to try and fix things, but I can't fathom the Oilers making the playoffs in what has been the better conference in recent years. There's a big gap out West between the haves and the have-nots, and right now the Oilers are still a have-not.
By 'have-not' I mean 'seriously going to get reamed this year.' Just a clarification.

Prediction: Hold on to your hats, Edmonton. The Oilers are going to have trouble finishing much higher than 14th.

The best looking ice girls in Edmonton
The Oilers don't have ice girls, but these ladies are good enough for me.

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