Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Daily Sniper: Projections You Can Count On

News and notes from last night's action...

"I'm oooooooold!!!"
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Sometimes players and teams can start off the season on a serious hot streak. Other times, they start with some serious cold streaks. Here's a look at the potential results if a few of the current streaks continue...

  • The Senators, Captials, Predators and Wild would all finish 82-0.
  • Paul Stastny would break the Great One's record by recording 218 points in a single season. 109 goals, 109 helpers. He would finish the season with a +109 rating and 27 game winning goals.
  • Mike Comrie would shatter Stastny's record by recording 246 points. He would also obliterate the scoring record by netting 164 goals.
  • Sid the Kid would total all of zero goals and 41 assists to go along with a sweet -82 rating.
  • Doug Murray would finish the year with 601 penalty minutes, likely putting him out of a job.
  • Tomas Vokoun would give up 369 goals. He would definitely not have a job.
  • Joe Thornton and Daniel Alfredsson would each have 410 shots on goal.
  • If Chris Mason and Olaf Kolzig played all 82 games, they would concede only 41 goals and have 41 shutouts.
  • The Canucks and Blue Jackets would have 164 power play goals.
  • The Rangers, Penguins, Thrashers, Coyotes and Wild would finish the year with 41 shorthanded goals a piece. Back when I coached hockey in EA Sports' NHL 04, my teams would consistently have over 40 shorthanded goals a year. It's certainly possible.
And without any further ado, a half-assed recap of the days action.

What do you want from me? The Islanders lost a game they probably should have won. I'm angry. Jerks.

Ottawa 4, New Jersey 2 -- Apparently today was Thanksgiving Day in Canada. That's a good joke. Do you have Christmas in July too? Wait... That's actually freaking awesome. I'll move to Canada and come back to the States for November and December. Two Christmases and two Thanksgivings! Yes! Oh... Right... There was a hockey game. Ho, hum. The Sens continued to roll. Alfredsson and Jason Spezza each had three points.

Detroit 4, Edmonton 2 -- Move along, nothing to see here. The Ageless Wonder had a goal, while Nicky Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg each picked up two assists. More ho hum hockey action.

Washington 2, NY Islanders 1 -- The Islanders out shot the Caps 31-12, but the Caps would not be denied. They move to 3-0 with the win, with Brooks (who?) Laich scoring the game winner in the third. Dale Hunter is still an asshole.


  1. I'm ooooold...

    "I'm ointment!"

    /teen girl squad

  2. I, for one, welcome our new Statsny overlords.

  3. would finish 82-0? here's your required reading for today: http://www.onfrozenblog.com/2007/10/09/just-hand-us-the-cup/

    also don't forget- brooks laich will be scoring approximately 27 GWGs.

  4. I was at the Isles Caps game and the Isles were terrible (sorry Kev). Their first line did not show up for the afternoon bout. The Caps won just how they will win any of their games this year - they will grind it out and Ollie will make some solid saves. I gotta say, you can tell when Ovie is on the ice, he is a true pleasure to watch and the exact opposite of Cindy Crosby. Cindy recreates swan lake to get through defenses while Ovie will just barrel right into them. I am definitely a fan.