Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hockey Night in TV Land

With the North American season opening tonight, there's quite a few games to watch on the tube no matter which side of the border you find yourself on. Tonight's TV schedule, with all times Eastern:

  • Anaheim @ Detroit - 7 PM, Versus
  • Montreal @ Carolina - 7 PM, RDS
  • Ottawa @ Toronto - 7:30 PM, TSN
  • Dallas @ Colorado - 9:30 PM, Versus
I'll be watching on NHL Center Ice Online. It's finally time to see how well three games at once works on that thing. On a side note, I'm still not completely sure about how the blackout restrictions work (customer service doesn't have time to answer emails, I guess), so if I can't see the Islander game on Friday night because it's based on my billing address (New York) and not where I physically am (the derrrty derrrty), it's going to be a long weekend. And I'm going to get my ~150 bucks back.

Update: Patience is a virtue. The good folks over at tell me that it's based on where you are physically located, so Justin (in the comments) would be right. Sweet!


  1. I bet its based on your billing address which means you are SOL.

  2. if it's anything like then it's not the billing address, but the proxy server.