Monday, October 22, 2007

Impressive Linguistic Talents -- October 22nd

After a much needed weekend off, here are the best comments in the week that was.

The Golden Ticket

rj on Jon Toews Will Destroy Your Life and Take No Prisoners in Doing So

"Bill Wirtz feels he is overpaid and wants him to stop scoring. It's too expensive to power that red lightbulb..."

The Medal for Being So Close, Yet So Far
casualhockey on Jonesy, Put Your Head Down and Write
"Wow, look at the size of his head. Fucking huge. Keith "Cartoon Head" Jones. Jeezus."

Bronze; Hey, it's better than nothing.
gwyshynski on Gary Bettman's Hit List
"Would you expect anything else from a middle-manager with zero people skills who finds himself in the captain's chair of a rudderless vessel?"


  1. YES! Second place, finally! Watch out people, the Gold Medal is MINE!!!

  2. Golf claps and imaginary high-fives for all of the winners!

    @kevin: This past week was kind of a down week for me as well--personal issues, craploads of essays and midterms bleeeeek...but at least this weekend is Halloween weekend, so I'll get to let loose in the Sh!tshow that cometh.