Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vancouver Ain't Got Nothin' On Me!!

(C) San Jose Sharks

Hey freaks, it's your old buddy JR. Aren't you glad I came back for another go around this season? Ha. I KNOW you are! Cause you get to see me do fuckin' rockin' shit like beat the Canucks by myself (not as good as that puckbunny I rocked after the game but you know how it is).

In case your lame asses missed it, I carried the Sharks to victory on Friday night. Two goals fuckers. Suck it. I was gonna go for the hat trick, but I knew we wouldn't need the extra goal, so I took the rest of the night off. Ronny Wilson coulda kept the team home and put me in there all by myself against the Nucks. They still wouldn't stop me.

Two goals in 12 minutes of ice time... Who does that?

Hahahah that's right. I DO!! Cause I'm the real deal. I don't even need to play alongside Cheech, Thornton or any one else with any talent. Doug freakin Murray giving me the puck all night. That's all I need.

Before I forget -- I scored those goals on Roberto fuckin' Luongo. Best goalie in the NHL by far. And who had his number? JR. That's who. What more do you want???

Look at that picture over there. I'm so damned handsome too. Man it's so good being JR.

Later. I'm out.



  1. When JR came on to the ice after the game for the "Three Stars" announcement, he sprayed the appreciative crowd with his seed. Three lucky Sharks fans got pregnant immediately, as JR's seed simply needs skin contact to impregnate.

  2. holy crap. That's freaking priceless!

  3. is it too early for class participation nominations? If not, I think I found one...