Monday, December 3, 2007

In Philly, All You Need is a Pulse

Sean Kilpatrick, AP/The Canadian Press

Leave it to Yahoo! Sports to provide us with some unintentional comedy. I've bolded the important part for emphasis.

"The Philadelphia Flyers have given defenseman Braydon Coburn, who has shown an ability to move the puck, a two-year contract extension worth $2.6 million the Philadelphia Inquirer reported"

Is there a signing bonus for breathing?


  1. I scored 2 goals in my rec league game last week, think Philly has a need for a rightwinger?

  2. "Is there a signing bonus for breathing?"

    No, just moving

  3. In Philadelphia, they like you to obey the law. Not so much criminal law as the second law of motion

  4. @Ryan: +1

    @blackcapricorn: I dunno about rightwinger, maybe leftwinger?