Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Your Obligatory Corporate Overlord Update

At the FanHouse:

Zamboni Fires: A Matter of National Security

Not to Be Outdone by Toronto, Montreal Creates Chaos of Its Own

Better writing from the blog-o-seum:

The Ice Sheet: The Problem in Philadelphia (FanHouse)

That's a FH round table on the Flyers' situation. It's a good read, except for the part where Eric left out me passing out after having a serious discussion. Those are tough on the ol' noggin.

Win a Chance to Be in the Canucks Team Photo! (Going Five Hole)

Panic At Guy Lafleur's Disco It's all in a day's work for the Pens Blog.

Toronto Radio Station Eats It's Words (ESPN) OK, that's not really the title. But that's what it's about.

With two franchise saviors on the mend in Montreal, the team turns to Jaroslav Halak. Ow! My groin! (Four Habs Fans)

James Mirtle has the best sub title of the day... and he's now the closer at DeadSpin.

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