Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday Morning Job

Right now, Kevin is on vacation in Atlantic City wasting countless sums of money at blackjack and poker tables. In the meantime, some of the best and brightest from the hockey blogosphere will keep things under control. Today, BMR is proud to introduce [Derek and Adam] from [The Pensblog] as your linguistic overlord for the day.


Well this is fun.
Kevin gave us the keys to his blog for the day. That is kind of like giving Dany He.....

Wait nevermind.
We'll keep it clean.

Anyways, good night of action last night.

The major stories?

How sick are the Flames? [Five Hole Fanatics ]
They go six for six on their road trip.

The Hurricanes stun the Leafs. [ Canes Country ]
The Canes score two goals in under two minutes to tie it. And then score with 33 seconds left in OT.

Roberto Luongo robbed the Devils all night. [ Waiting for Stanley ]

There is a bunch more that happened. You know where to go for that.
And of course the Pens lost, but whatever.

We'll be around here all day, so feel free to email us [] or just log off


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