Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's Like Luge, Except It's Easier to Sever Your Hand

Thanks to Red Bull, which gives us such lovely things as energy drink addictions, an MLS team and handmade flying machine contests, it's um... How do I describe this... I would say luge. Yes. It's luge except you replace the batshit crazy lugers (is that even a word?) with batshit crazy hockey players. Take away the pucks and sticks, then invite tens of thousands of crazy Canadians.

YouTube has the video and Way Offside has the snarky story, which describes a competition that you would expect to see at ESPN's Winter X Games in a few years. The competitors, if we can call them that, skate as fast as they can down an ice track through Quebec City. Um. Great. People want to watch this... why?

Give it a few more tries before someone falls and gets their hand severed off by their opponents' skate blade. The over/under on that is set at a month. I'm taking the under.


  1. "People want to watch this... why?"

    People falling down is a valuable aspect of Quebec's society and national (*snicker* )sense of humour.

    /JR joke?

  2. Dion Phaneuf is an official spokesman. I saw the commercial for it today on TSN.

    I'm not making this up. :o)

  3. Those people are crazy, still I watch this over poker any day on the WWL.

  4. The spin at the end was unnecessary/awesome.

  5. It's like Snowboardcross, aka SBX, with skates instead of snowboards (so it's also just like motocross with skates instead of cycles).

    @tecmo: at least he didn't wipeout and cost himself the win like that SBX chick last olympics...

  6. This is not new, everyone. It has been on RDS (the French TSN) for the last 3 years, and I think it was even on TSN last year.

    I watch it religiously. It's fucking awesome. No joke. I'm not even drunk. Sport in its purest form. Kids hopped up on Red Bull going fast with the potential for serious injury. You can't beat that.

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