Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lost: NHL Edition (A Prelude)


Tomorrow, I'm going to have something a little special for you in celebration (or mockery, whichever you like) about the much anticipated season premiere of Lost on ABC (or Free ESPN, whichever you like). I haven't decided if I'll use it for FanHouse or BMR, but I'll certainly let you know either way.

For now, here's what the critics are saying about Lost: NHL Edition.

"Every season, [Gary Bettman] seems to astound beyond capacity, then he comes back and astounds more. His antics are getting on my nerves."

-The Sacramento Bee (really, that's the best paper they could get?)

"...mind-blowing how NASCAR fans still don't get it..."

-Charlotte Post-Dispatch

"Really, I can't say that I've ever seen it."

-Stephen King


  1. the Bettman marketing stetegery: 'let's take a sport threatening to ascend into parity with the Big 3 and turn it into the likes of Australian Rules Football and rodeo.'

  2. if I knew anything about Lost I'm sure I'd make some hilarious reference, crossing the likes of the incredibly popular hour drama and, I don't know, maybe Pascal LeClaire. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Lost.

    But if you ever pull 30 Rock into the mix, I'm bringing my A game.