Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nice Try, Ray (Your Pointless Post of the Day)

REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

I'll be honest -- I haven't been following the whole Ray Emery situation up there in Ottawa. I know he was late to practice or something, got fined... But that's really about it. What I do know, is that I know some BS when I see it. Take the following quote from a Yahoo! article about Emery the other day (emphasis mine):

"Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery will be "fined substantially" by the team after arriving late for a team skate a day after the All-Star game.

Emery's explanation for being 4 minutes late was that he went to Nassau Coliseum for the skate, when it was being held at the Islanders' practice rink Monday afternoon."

Now, being an Islander fan and having lived on Long Island for 20+ years, I can tell you that without a doubt, there's no way someone can do that. If you can make it from the Coliseum to the Isles practice facility and only be four minutes late for practice there are two possible scenarios: 1) You were at the Coliseum well before practice was supposed to start. We're talking 30-45 minutes early. 2) You're lying through your teeth.

With no traffic and knowledge of the parkways, you can make it in 15-20 minutes. Maybe. If we are to assume that this is during the day, so there is endless traffic, and that Emery doesn't know the roads, which he doesn't, we're talking a 40 minute trek across Nassau County. You take the Meadowbrook to the Northern State, hope you get off at the right exit and then maneuver some town roads to the practice facility. I can see it in my head. The best part is there's no exit that conveniently puts you near the practice facility. And if it's after 3PM or before 10 AM forget it. Traffic would make the trip at least an hour. Or if it's lunch time there's traffic too. Welcome to New York. I guess the question is now, which gentleman's club were you at, Ray?

So, there's your useless post of the day. If you're like me (i.e. insane) and really care, here's the trip I'm talking about. And I know Mapquest says it's a 19 minute drive. Mapquest is wrong too.

Oh and one last note. Now that is what you call a unique angle on a story. Suck it everyone else.


  1. The team is on the road and the players are individually responsible for getting to the rink? Does anyone else see somethig amiss in this scenario?

    They fly a team charter (or commercial flight as a team). They go from airport to hotel by bus. Then, what, they all catch cabs on their own to the rink?

  2. C, this was the first practice after the All-Star break and it said in another article that Emery was flying back to meet the team Sunday night in New York from his vacation in Las Vegas. The practice was in the afternoon, so I'm assuming this meant other players were also making their own arrangements after the All-Star Break? Just pure speculation on my part.

    Oh and Battle of Ontario also has the trip Mapquested, including a possible timeline.

  3. @blackcapricorn: +1
    @scotty: I'm just not going to say anything.

    Maybe Emery got distracted by something shiny. For Emery related fun (Sherry knows this):

  4. interesting, that AP piece takes a different angle than what TSN reported. According to TSN Emery showed up 4 minutes after the team was supposed to take the ice, but made note that the players are expected in the locker room an hour before ice time. So he was actually substantially late.

    Either way, even though I'm not Emery's biggest fan, as someone who is in a constant state of over sleeping and rushing to get to class on time, I've got some sympathy for the guy.

  5. So if Emery showed up to the coliseum on time, ie. an hour before practice, and it took him an hour to get from there to the real practice facility, wouldn't that agree with his story?