Sunday, January 6, 2008

Your Obligatory Dose of Insanity: Canada > NYR

in canada cats grow on trees

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It has not been a fun week if you're a Rangers fan. The team dropped three in a row to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver, earning one point on the road trip. Now I'm not about to rub it in on Ranger fans, they've got it hard enough rooting for a team that doesn't like to show up all the time. I'm merely going to do some smack talking for the nation of Canada as Canada has proved this week that it is, in fact, greater than the New York Rangers. Or at least western Canada. The Rangers are still in it, they're only four points out in the division after all, but it's certainly hard to take on an entire nation all by yourself. Especially one in which cats grow in trees.

There's your weekly dose on insanity.


  1. in Canada, cats grow in trees.
    Yes, and we also wear hats on our feet and hamburgers eat people