Sunday, January 6, 2008

Updated Bad Boys Standings

So much for updating yesterday... Apologies for that. I don't know how many regular readers are around here on the weekends, but I would imagine most of you are out doing something better than reading my ramblings anyway.

But today I'm going to do something that I've been putting off for a bit. In light of Steve Downie's sucker punch of Jason Blake last night, it's probably poignant. It's the BMR Bad Boys Standings!

Since we last updated, Chris Simon decided to singlehandedly challenge the Flyers for their lead in the standings by earning a historic 30 game suspension. Now that's how you beat the Flyers. You gotta go big, or go home. Simon, well, he sort of did both after being dismissed by the Islanders.

Downie saw this and I can only assume that he decided the gap needed to be widened. He has not been suspended as of yet, but if there's a ruling expect it in the next few days. Also added to the list is Carolina's Craig Adams who got two games for hitting Alex Steen with this stick. Come on, you can to better than that!

Here are the updated standings, and they will be updated later in the week if and when Downie's suspension comes down. Oh, and Leaves is spelled correctly on purpose.

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