Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's Fun to Play in Other People's Sandboxes

Nothing is on fire yet! I swear!

So friend of the Blog, Ryan, put me in control of the Victoria Times today while he recovers from oral surgery. I didn't break anything yet and it's actually going quite well, but I did post that picture of the passed out polar bear again. What can I say? It's a personal favorite. Feel free to stop by as I desperately try and relate to people from a state I've never been to. Should be fun! Shenanigans!

...and also, I'll see you guys on Monday when we will finally be able to answer the question of "are the heads of Canadian people really not attached to their jaws like in South Park?"

In the meantime, Greg Wyshynski will be here to take you through the rest of the work week. You may know him from FanHouse, DeadSpin or the Fourth Period. Take your pick, really.

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