Monday, February 4, 2008

Maybe the South is Beginning to Come Around

The picture to your right is from Wild Wing Cafe in Columbia, South Carolina. If you're not familiar with Wild Wings, it's one of those Applebee's-type places except better. And lots and lots of HD TVs that have sports on them all the time. So actually it's basically any other gimmicky chain restaurant.

But here's a quick quiz for you...

What was Wild Wings showing on every TV at 2PM on Super Bowl Sunday?

A) Super Bowl pre-game shows

B) Bowling

C) Rodeo

D) Hockey

Fill in the bubbles on those ScanTrons and pass them to the front...

And the correct answer is...

D! Against all odds and sane reasoning, hockey! It was even a game involving a Canadian team -- the Rangers and Habs playing on NBC. Personally, I was stupefied. Hockey. In the American south. On Super Bowl Sunday. What are the odds? Almost as bad as Eli Manning, you know, winning a big game. Wait... Whoa. I'm going to go sit down before my head explodes.


  1. Who was your tipster on this one? Or, why were you in South Carolina?

  2. What happened to choice E) Puppy Bowl IV?

  3. @blackcapricorn: only because they didn't do the Lingerie bowl this year.

  4. dude Wild Wings is the best! you must like, go to the University of South Carolina or something. Not that I know you or anything. But I agree, I actually had a hard time reading this post because my head exploded last night.

  5. @ryan: I live in South Carolina right now while I'm at school. Miles away from any kind of hockey.

  6. You could always transfer south to UGA, we kind of have a couple o hockey players and about 1 guys who claim to be just over an hour away. Goddamn it sucks being a hockey fan down here