Monday, February 4, 2008

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mundays!

(C) Office Space

I'll be honest with you. I always try to be, don't I? I have nothing tangible for you today. No funny quips, sarcastic rants or interesting drivel. Nada. Zero. I'm sorry. I tried. It's just not happening right now.

Maybe it's the fact that one of the best stories ever created was acted out last night (read: Super Bowl). Even non-fans had to have gotten a kick out of that game, assuming you stayed awake through the first three quarters to watch the last one. And as upset as they may be, Patriots fans still have three titles, the Red Sox and the Celtics to hang their hats on. So really, nobody came out a loser. Except maybe Randy Moss who still has zero titles. But he also gets paid a ton of money. So yeah, no one's really a loser here.

But getting back to hockey for a second, it should be an interesting week around these parts. On Wednesday, I'll be filling in for Ryan over at the Victoria Times. Early Thursday morning I'm leaving for Calgary to see some friends. Greg Wyshynski, who is everywhere these days, will be here on Thursday and Friday for your enjoyment. I have no idea if I'll be able to check in this weekend but I plan to, at the very least, write you a nice photo essay about the whole experience later (it's my first time to Canada, let alone out of the country, you see). If I'm lucky, I'll be at the Oilers/Flames game on Saturday. But I assume tickets are scarce.

That's what the week looks like right now. That and a giant realization that for a month we can focus in on hockey and only hockey, forgetting about all those other sports -- at least until this comes along.


  1. Someone pray for me, I am going to the Bruins/Panthers game on Saturday. That is all.

  2. Greatest moment of Office Space right there. Have a good time in Calgary, Kev!

    @blackcapricorn: are you going as a Bruins fan or a Panthers fan? That may change how I pray for you hehehehe (Just kidding)

  3. As I follow the Sabres, Pens, Flames and Kings (man that was a brutal game against the Devils recently) I have absolutely NO rooting interest in any of these jokers. Maybe I will see if the Bergeron jerseys are marked down (too soon?).

  4. I'd think that if anything the Bergerons would be marked up--you know, out of respect for the guy, show solidarity, etc. Ehn, since you're not a Bruins fan, have a good time.

  5. I would say the big loser is, Tiki Barber. Doucheface.