Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Final Battle for Mullet Supremacy

When I started this whole thing, I figured Barry Melrose would stomp everyone else out. He's still in the lead after the preliminary round, but MacGyver and the tag team of Randy Johnson and Jaromir Jagr have both put up a hell of a fight.

Now that we've narrowed the field, we'll take the top two vote getters from the first round and pit them against each other. It's one final battle for mullet supremacy of the known universe... With whom do you stand?

Voting will be open for a week, so vote once and vote wisely! With only 111 votes in the preliminary round, your vote is sure to count. To aid your decision, here's another quick breakdown of the contestants.

Barry Melrose

  • The clear favorite in this horse race.
  • Probably the one guy at ESPN who may be as awesome as Kenny Mayne (seriously Kenny is teh win).
  • Thinks Newark is dangerous.
  • Apologized for thinking Newark is dangerous.
  • Knows we exist, but cannot be contacted.
  • Coached Wayne Gretzky (who has a preference for Nelly Furtado music).
  • Co-hosted NHL2Night, a feat for which American hockey fans are forever grateful.
Jaromir Jagr and Randy Johnson

There's the lay of the land, folks. It leaves only one, final question... Which mullet ya got??

P.S. And if you were wondering, here are the final results from the first round.

Votes %
Barry Melrose 36 32.4
Jagr/Johnson 28 25.2
MacGyver 20 18
Brian Engblom 11 9.9
Joe Dirt 8 7.2
Billy Ray Cyrus 8 7.2

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  1. DO you think that when Jaromir Jagr has sex, he yells out something like, "You just got Jagr-bombed, BITCH!"?

    Just a thought