Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Melrose Visits Newark, Devils Fan Fights Ignorance with Ignorance

Newark certainly appears safe, but is it fun? This picture says no, but I've never been there so I am not one to judge.
Mike Derer/AP

Last Friday night (jeez am I late on this), the Mullet himself, Barry Melrose, took a tour of Newark before taking in a Devils' game at the Rock. If you recall, there was a big hullabaloo about the comments Melrose had about Newark a while back. It caused such a stir, I even renamed the blog for a couple days.

As you can imagine, Devils' fans were not too happy with Melrose and let him know it. Deservedly so. And then I saw this quote.

"What it said is it showed his ignorance on his part being an upstate New
Yorker," Devils fan Matt Hughes said. "Not knowing what was going on and opening up his mouth before knowing all the answers to the questions."
Great. Freaking great. Not only was Melrose being ignorant by trashing on Newark never having been there, but now some Devils fan is calling out upstate New Yorkers for being ignorant. Now I know there may be a lot of farms up there, but that doesn't prove anything. This is the 21st century and I think we can all agree that there are certain factors which have no bearing on your IQ, place of birth being one of them.

It's really pretty funny that where there's ignorance, there's apparently more ignorance. To be fair, I think that Matt Hughes should visit some schools and colleges in upstate New York and tell me that they're all full of ignorant people. Visit Syracuse University, for example, and tell me that they're all a bunch of ignorant hicks because they're from upstate New York. Jeez. Some people.

Look, I understand why Devils fans jeered at him and heck, I would probably join in if I was one of them. Nonetheless, there's simply no excuse for compounding ignorance with more ignorance.Oh yeah, and Melrose is from Saskatchewan, which is in CANADA. But to be fair, he does currently reside in upstate New York.


  1. Last year Newark, NJ had the 6th highest murder rate per capita in the country. Five times that of New York. They are pace to have an even higher one this year. In the past they have been named the most dangerous city in the country.

    If they don't want to be embarrassed by being associated with crime, perhaps they should worry less about what a Sports Media Head says and more about stopping their citizens from killing each other.

    So Melrose went to Newark and he was not a victim of a criminal offense. Is this supposed to prove that Newark isn't a dangerous place?

  2. And Melrose with Bucci managed the Adk Frosbite right into the ground. He lives in Glens Falls.

    I agree with Justin, Newark sucks and getting lost there once was an experience I never want to repeat.

    Man- this post is all about the BC- I am from Upstate and I live right outside of Newark. What am I NOT ignorant about?

  3. Looking at that picture, I never knew Barry was good friends with Clarence Thomas.

  4. @justin: well said. Newark is really just doing PR since not doing anything would be agreement.

    I really don't have a whole lot so say since I'm from New York and was raised to hate Jersey. Blahblahblah trashblah... You know.