Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Morning News and Notes

Tony Romo: instant attention for your website!

Lots of things to catch up on from this weekend, so why not cram it all into one big hyperlink of a post? I see no reason to the contrary.

Let's all agree to not fake this injury report, OK? Ryan Smyth took a nasty hit into the boards, the corner of them to be exact, but is out of the hospital and doing OK. Or at least as good as we can hope. The injury 'appears' to be a concussion and if I see one injury report that says upper body soreness I'm going to lay the smackdown on them. NEXT SUNDAY NIGHT! LIVE!! ON PAY-PER-VIEW!!! Seriously. It's time to stop bs-ing the injury reports. My cat runs into the wall trying to case rolled up pieces of paper but I bet she knows a concussion when she sees one. I guess this is a lesson to any stars that don't sign with the Islanders. Bryan Berard learned it the hard way, too... kidding... kidding. Jeez.

Lessons in blogging. JP shows us that any time is a good time to mention Tony Romo and/or Jessica Simpson. But apparently Cristobal Huet beats out 2 Girls, 1 Cup. That's an upset of Miracle on Ice proportions if you ask me.

Get some. I like Bill Simmons, but he doesn't know a whole ton about hockey, this we know. We all have our weak spots. I, for one, don't know anything about basketball, football or wine tasting. But when someone breaks down an another person's argument so well and in such good taste, it should be applauded. Today, I direct your applause to BoA.

Hey, what's that Canadian team doing at the top of the standings? They don't belong there!

Hockey players are people, too. I'm not entirely sure what prompted it, but Eric Nystrom of the Quad City Flames (Calgary's farm club) did an impromptu striptease recently. Somehow creepy and hilarious at the same time. I imagine Pensblog Charlie approves.


  1. That would be Steve not Bill. If Bill even wrote something 1/2 that in-depth about hockey I would be surprised.

  2. That Nystrom strip was fantastic, he did really well mimicking Ned's at the end of Slap Shot ... kudos to the kid.