Monday, March 3, 2008

Scott Parker is Who We Thought He Was

And that would be 'tough as nails' as mentioned in a post on Parker last week. Over the weekend Jon Swenson from over at Sharkspage filled me in with some good info on Parker from last year when he was in San Jose. Apparently the guy is as tough as he looks in this picture and still takes time out for the fans. You gotta love any player who does that. The video on the right is Parker blowing up a favorite around these parts, George Parros. It's quite impressive to watch how quickly he circles his prey before he attacks. I've never seen anything like it. The following comes from Jon...

"not only do average NHL players fear him, Parker scared the bejeebus out of legitimate NHL heavyweight enforcers. Last year against Anaheim's top heavyweight and porn mustache champion George Parros, Parker dropped him with 2 punches that did not even land flush. Parros was flat on the ice before the fight even started. Hard to get a fight photo when no one wants to come near the enforcer. But I did run into him twice on the street, and he was signing autographs and joking around with a few younger fans each time."

Gotta love that. Sounds like a class act and a hell of a fighter. Scott Parker is my new favorite player. I can't decide if I would like to meet him, though. I would be too afraid of the right hook.


  1. He was circling Parros a shark!

  2. I think Swenson has a serious misunderstanding of everything related to fighting in the NHL if he's genuinely impressed by Parros falling down during a fight. I sincerely doubt that Parker had anything to do with scaring parros down, since Parros beat Parker in their first fight with each other, and then again in their more recent fight.
    Normally I'd think he was just joking to make a point about how frightening Parker is, but he also went so far as to call that clip a knockout in a post he made on the battle of california.

    Parros is just a clumsy porn star, not someone especially frightened of the Sheriff. You should peruse their other fights - 4 in total, parros probably edging parker 2-1-1 in the bouts.

    I will acknowledge that he is one scary looking motherfucker, though. Earlier this year in a game against the jackets he got high sticked towards the end of the game, The refs missed the call and he went completely beserk. they put him in the box, and blood is now covering his face and jersey. He's gone so batshit insane that at this point he's wildly shouting and cursing Zeus. He's spitting blood all over the penalty box glass, until he open the door and leans out, spitting blood and curses at everyone.

    They way he looked at that point, well, I wouldn't be surprised if went home and sat down to a full meal of baby corpses.

  3. Parker rocks, and that fight was great if only because Parros winged his glove at him, and he caught it and tossed it into the crowd in one motion. Bravo.

  4. It was a pathetic fight. Parros just fell down.

    Parros, by the way, is a real nice guy too (and smart as all hell - go figure).

  5. Gotta love that facial hair. He's way ahead if the Avs make the play-offs and he needs a beard.

  6. @the 2 man advantage: yeah, he could donate some to rookies so they don't end up with that "I've been eating dirt" look, but a proper beard