Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crowning the Fantasy Hockey Champions

We've got some more fantasy sports housekeeping to get to this morning. The close of the regular season on Sunday also meant the close of the fantasy hockey season here at BMR. When I lasted touched on our two fantasy leagues, they were heading into the championship round two weeks ago. Today, we can finally crown two champions.

In the first league, we had a mini upset. The fourth seeded Phoenix Pharts took home the playoff title, defeating third seeded Lasers go Pew Pew in the championship match. The third place game saw Blues 4 Stanley Cup take down yours truly.

To the champion Phoenix Pharts, I proudly award them this GIF trophy, compliments of Yahoo Sports!

In the second league, I beat Two Line Pass (aka Ryan from the Vic Times) by a 6-4 margin. It proves once again that BMR > a town in Minnesota. The NJ KoolAid Drinkers picked up third place in the postseason after a second place regular season finish by knocking out Rouges in the third place match. In this league, the top three regular season teams all placed in the top three of the playoffs.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year! I'm really impressed that most people kept up with their teams throughout the year, and you can be sure that we'll do this again next year. But you might have to remind me. As I'm sure you know, I can be pretty forgetful.


  1. Yeah, well, BMR doesn't have a Holiday Gas Station/Convenience store or 3 (3!) bars within a square block. Psh, I bet BMR doesn't even have a square block.

  2. I just want to humbly accept my victory in the Flint, Michigan Mega Bowl.

    Here's to proudly defending it in year 2.

  3. whooo! to everyone! you guys all beat me (I didn't even enter)

    (and my MYFO playoff fantasy team, despite the awesome name of "John LeClair's Beer Pong Table", will surely find itself in the basement)

  4. I'm very proud to accept the award Kevin, this being the first and all I feel it's somewhat of an honor.
    I will make every effort to make myself available if I am invited back.

    Thank you.