Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mike Bossy is Sick of This Crap

For the last few years, the Islanders have reached out to their all-time greats to try and bring some life back into the organization, if only by means of public relations. Pat LaFontaine was brought back into the mix, although that didn't last too long and Mike Bossy has been doing all sorts of PR bits for the team.

Last night, Bossy was the team's representative at the draft lottery. If you read my earlier post, you know that didn't go so well for the Islanders. By the looks of things, Bossy didn't take it too well. To be honest, I think all this barely mediocre crap the Islanders have been pulling since the early 90s is beginning to wear thin on the Boss. Hey, it's hard to keep up beat when nothing ever goes your way and your organization screws it up even if it does go your way (COUGH Luongo COUGH). It could also be that Bossy was pissed that he was missing the NCAA championship game. That could be it.

Check out Going Five Hole for the full Bossy recap.


  1. He looks like he's about to choke a bitch in that picture, but maybe that's just me

  2. I watched that 1/2 hour show last night and have to admit I felt really dirty afterwards considering how much they fellated SS. I guess its just the manifestation of my sickness that I sat through that broadcast actually interested in what was going on.