Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some Guy's Concussion Brought to You By Ranch and Home

(Read with a ridiculous country accent.)

Well folks down here at good ol' Ranch and Home we're all about the tough stuff. We like to get our hands dirty, roll around a bit and then go home and have a nice dinner with lots of meat. Always lots of tough, manly meat for dinner.

Whoa there! Looks like I was getting a bit off track, huh? Well, here at Ranch and Home, we're all about getting down and dirty. Work hard. Play hard. That's why we sponsored this here hit. It's more of a destruction than a hit, but you get the idea. Enjoy, folks! And remember, whether you're on the ice or in one of our stores, keep your head up!

/Ridiculous country accent

h/t Wyshynski at Yahoo


  1. Ah, I always did love a good, clean hit.

  2. And kids, that there is WHY yuo keep your head up!

  3. Blackwater always hits hard. He has a younger brother named Boogie who will be playing for the Chiefs in a few years.

    Though, I did like Justin Falk's hit earlier this season:

    Hi I am Heather. I run A Chiefs blog.