Thursday, May 1, 2008

Screw Tibet, the Olympics are All About Style

Canadian Press

I like hockey. This you know. Therefore, by free association, I also like Canada. So it's always important for me to keep updated on the latest news from our neighbors to the North (you are our buddies, guys, like it or not).

Today, well, I think all there is to say is that Canada may have gone mildly metro sexual. Not that that's a bad thing. It's just interesting that it happened so quickly -- how exactly it happened, right now, is still unclear.

Anyway, the point is that today Canada unveiled their new Olympic uniforms and the whole operation looked more like an American Eagle spring fashion show (pictured right). But hey, if that's your thing, then that's cool with me. I'm simply saying that next time you might want to design something that, um... How do I put this... You might want to at least design something that you could wear out on the fields. I just can't see Capri's and sweatshirts going too far when it comes to, um, actual athletic competition. It's hard to bash, though. It's tough to design things for the Olympics. Sometimes you try and design something really significant like a logo or, I don't know, a torch relay and it comes out like crap.

But hey, at least you'll look fly, right? I think so.

Another note is that I have not found pictures yet, but I'm curious to see how Steve Nash and the basketball team are going to be clothed. I move for giant maple leaf hats.

Oh and someone alert the hockey team and other winter athletes to get their stuff together for 2010. They are going to have some work to do on their gear because this is going to be a tough act to follow.

Almost forgot... h/t to Sherry at Scarlett Ice


  1. As a distance runner, the only thing I'd consider wearing would be the tank and short combo, with better shoes. That's assuming the tank has proper support built in and I wouldn't need a second sports bra underneath it. Did they talk to their athletes at all when they designed this stuff?

  2. I think Canada got all excited when people bought a bunch of Roots hats during that winter Olympics. None of this looks utilitarian. It just looks like a lot of stuff that they will wear to opening and closing ceremonies.

  3. ditto what mina said

    Also, what event uses a tote bag?