Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You Can't Choke Without All the Gagging, Wheezing and Poorly Played Hockey

OK, so the Globe and Mail has done a good job pointing out the fact that we may be watching an epic choke job unfold right before our eyes. I mean, I noticed it. I think we all did, but not many people have realized how epic it is. They Senators have been slowly collapsing since February, something I've been reading about in my blog feed everyday thanks to the folks at Scarlett Ice (man, you really gotta feel bad for them, it's like sticking a knife in 'em and twisting endlessly). The Sens were so far ahead to begin with, I got completely used to the idea that the team was choking, yet still solidly in the playoff hunt. It's basically become the norm to read about. But now, well, now things are a little different.

Remember those Senators that were arguably the best team in the league the first half of the season? Well... Hoo boy. How the mighty have fallen! It turns out that right about now the citizens of Ottawa are holding their collective breaths and tugging on their collars. The Sens are in sixth place in the East, have officially lost their chance at the division, and are only two points ahead of the 9th place Washington Capitals.

It's almost too mind boggling to comprehend.

They opened the season like they were shot out of a cannon, spending the first half second in the NHL to only the Red Wings. On February 1st, the Sens were atop the Northeast, seven points clear of Montreal and nine ahead of Boston. They still had the 2nd most points in the NHL.

Tonight, they lost to Montreal, a game that clinched the division for the Habs and put them eight points ahead of the Sens. The Sens are now tied for 11th in the entire NHL and are only one point ahead of the Bruins, a team that has been utterly and completely average throughout this stretch run. And here I was thinking that the Stars had choked big time.

Hold on to your hats folks, the playoff race isn't over just yet and it looks like it's going to come down to the last day of the season. For those readers in Ottawa, I recommend Tums Extra Strength when reading the blog.


  1. I would crack the hell up if the season ends and the Sens are on the outside looking in.

    ...even though, more than likely, the Sabres would be joining them on the golf field, which isn't funny, I'd still find it hilar.

  2. i'm pretty sure this is all part of the divine plan for the sens to end up in 6th and for caps to win the SE. at least this is what i have been praying for every day for the last couple weeks.

  3. Kevin, I appreciate the sympathy but at this point nothing less than a lobotomy will do.

  4. Jeez, between your picture of choking the chicken and Senators Lost Cojones' post on "pulling the goalie" (
    It seems like quite a few bloggers are kinda lonely these days. Who's up for waxing their sicks? Riding their zambonis? anyone?

  5. @sonia: yea that would be great for you guys wouldn't it? At this point I'm hoping the Sens don't make the playoffs simple because it eliminates one awful team. But even if they do fall, having to watch the Flyers and Bruins get smoked in the first round is going to be bad enough. I just hope the Caps make it over anyone so we dont have three craptastic first round series...

    @domi: maybe you just have to get your mind out of the gutter! this is a family site... i don't know what kind of show you think we have around here... /sarcasm