Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mark Messier is N-N-N-Not the B-B-Best Com-Commentator

Around these parts, Mark Messier has no fans. You could say that we don't get along, but I've never met him. But the video to your right, well, it sort of makes me feel bad for the guy.

Yeah, I said it.

Now, it's hilarious when this guy lets the waterworks go. We know this. But somehow, bumbling around on a national stage while completely keeping his composure (and by that I mean not crying) kind of makes me feel bad for the guy. I'd almost rather he followed up stuttering around with a nice, healthy cry. It would be funny. Instead, he looks helpless, afraid and it kind of makes me feel bad for the guy.

And, of course, the big problem here is that this is only an eight second clip which is completely out of context. That's like taking one sentence on this blog and making a generalization about everything we believe in. That's not something I can get behind.

Oh, and I'm really beginning to question Versus. For a while there they were making steady improvements but it seems as though they stopped doing that at some point earlier this year. This may prove to be the tipping point that everyone looks back on and asks 'where did it all go wrong?' Then again they could trot out JR next week and would have Survivor-esque ratings. Not as high as the first one, but definitely in the neighborhood of the second season.

h/t Plank, Wyshynski


  1. "Oh, and I'm really beginning to question Versus."

    You are just NOW beginning to question the V-S? Except for their West Coast announcing team and Can-an-a-da feeds on the back to back playoff broadcasts, this channel continues to underwhelm.

    The in-studio team is laughable, the in-game lighting has gotten better but I am still thanking the home loan I took out to get CI so I don't have to deal with VS and NBC on a regular basis.

    If they can get an On The Fly type program every night on that channel without terribly coifed people, I might just change my opinion. Until then, screw em!

  2. Did you see what Messier was eating last night when NBC came back from first intermission to start the game? It was right before they went back to the game. It looked like Messier had a little dish of something about the size of a can of cat food. Please tell me I didn't imagine that...