Monday, May 12, 2008

Words of Wisdom with Brett Hull

Retro 90s. Gotta love it.

Thank you for joining us once again on BMR's Words of Wisdom. Tonight, our guest is none other than Dallas Stars General Manager, former Ambassador of Fun and retired NHL sniper, Brett Hull. Brett couldn't be with us today since, well, this is a blog and nobody important cares so we're going to have to make due with what we've got. What have we got? Brett's interview with the National Post.

If you are not familiar with Brett Hull, then you may remember him from such famous roles as I Don't Want to Play for My Home Country, Awkward Conversations with Don Cherry, and Random Celebrity Softball Game Photos. All are impressive roles to say the least.

Today, the NP talked with Brett about his latest role, General Manager Whose Team is in the Conference Finals and Yet He Has No Managerial or Business Experience. It's lengthy, yes, but it's quite a riveting story and the cinematography is fantastic.

In this new role for Hull, he takes on lots of different personas. For example, this is one he likes to call the 'Goaltending Expert'.

National Post You were a goal scorer and a teammate of Dominik Hasek in Detroit. And you know Chris Osgood, whose been around a long time. So, do you have any tips for Dallas’ shooters in the Western final?
Brett Hull The way goalies play goal now, they are all the same. There are only certain places you can shoot today on an NHL goalie and score. Those are places you need to shoot when you get your chance, and it all depends on where you’re getting that chance. It’s not like the old days, when you could come down the wing and take a slap shot along the ice and the goalie would stand up and kick his leg out and miss it.

Yes, here we find some insight into how Hull scored so many goals during his career -- the goalies back then were buffoons. It's true, and yet still funny.

NP How has the new gig as the Stars assistant GM impacted your golf game. BH I’m not the assistant GM. I’m co-GM. NP My bad: co-GM.
"My bad." Did he really say that? Who says the MSM is out of touch with today's youth!

NP So, was [your cup winning goal against Buffalo in 1999] a goal?
BH Absolutely. People don’t understand that the league changed the rule about [the skate in the crease] and never told anyone. The GMs knew about it, but nobody else did.


BH Guys were skating down and scoring on empty nets, and skating right through the crease, and it would be no goal. So they said if you have possession and you are in the crease, then it is a goal. I’ve told this story 12 million times and people either don’t listen, don’t want to listen or they don’t give a s---.

I mean... OK. I guess. Sure.

NP What is your guilty pleasure?
BH Can I say tequila?

Ah, great advice for the kids.

NP Do you have any hidden talents?
BH I do a pretty mean New York Times crossword puzzle.

This is why I love Brett Hull. Really! I do!

NP Finish this sentence for me: Old scorers never die they just… BH Learn to score off the ice. NP Good answer. BH Thanks.
Awesome. Simply awesome. I'd like to thank Brett for taking the time to sit down with the National Post. He's simply one of the funniest and most straightforward personalities out there. You gotta love that. That's all for now, make sure you join us next time on BMR's Words of Wisdom!

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