Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your Official 2008 Champions of the World

Bruce Bennett/Getty/Yahoo Sports

Congrats to the Detroit Red Wings who won 3-2 tonight to take the Stanley Cup Final four games to two. It's the 11th title in their history and Wikipedia is already updated to reflect that. I firmly believe that place is run by a superhuman race with a serious hankerin' for information. Thanks to the Pens for making this whole thing interesting... Can you believe they almost tied it with a second left? That would have been something.

So, yeah. Only about four months left until next season!

Oh and how about that penalty called on the Red Wings at the end of the game? Do you think Drew Sharp is really pissed off somewhere right now because the zebras stepped in late in the game? Yeah, I don't think so either.

And one last congratulations to all the Wings blogs out there. Abel to Yzerman, Behind the Jersey, On the Wings and more... You know they're happy as hell right now and it's not because they're going to get four trillion hits tomorrow morning.


  1. I'm just excited that I actually picked something like this right. Especially since my brother who only watches hockey when it's on NBC and is REALLY casual about his knowledge has picked the winnner the past 2 or 3 years. While watching the penguins play Philly, we seriously had the following conversation:

    (Geores Laracque appears on screen)
    Brother: Whoa! There's a black guy playing hockey!
    Me: Yeah, they intergrated the Negro league years ago. Where the hell have YOU been?