Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Time to Congratulate Those With Bragging Rights

Before the Finals started, we had a little SCF Pick Em contest for everyone here at BMR. As it turns out, quite a lot less people than "everyone" took part. No matter. That just means your chances of winning increase significantly.

You'll be hearing from the winners soon enough. Their "awesome prize" is that they get the "esteemed prilvidge" of "writing" a guest post here at BMR. I use all those terms very loosely.

Anyway, here are their entries to pass the time. We're still a long way from hockey season, folks. I'll be back a little later with some final thoughts on the year, but for now, let's let the winners bask in the glory of being smarter than the rest of us.

Who will win: Detroit Red Wings.
How many games: 6 games.
Why: I think Detroit's going to win because all the old farts on the team are going to bore the Pens with their "when I was your age..." speeches on the ice. They'll maybe even keep offering the young'ns food every commercial break, and it's hard to say no to your grandparents when they offer you food, so the Penguins are going to gain a few hundred pounds, which will slow them down, and the Wings will drive past them on their hoverounds to the Cup. I say it's going to 6 games, because Osgood will forget to fill his Detrol LA prescription and he's going to piss his hockey pants.
- end with style

who will win: Detroit

number of games: I'm always terrible at this part, but I'll say 6

why: Well, at first I was going to use my tried-and-true method of flipping a coin, but it rolled away and I lost it. Then I asked my Lil Lindros Bobblehead, but he didn't say anything. He just sat there silently judging me (or looking for his pants after an all night bender, I can never tell with him.) Lacking all other sources of prognostication, I decided Detroit would win since their color is red and red things, like sports cars and fire, usually go fast (although that still doesn't explain stop signs...)

- Loser Domi


  1. Loser Domi and End With Style, two very classy ladies.

    Nice job!

  2. You mean... I finally did something right with a prediction? w00t! :)

  3. I think high fives are in order.

  4. @heather: ya damn straight!
    @endwithstyle: I second the "Wow! I did one right!" feeling
    @veryproudofya: Seconded. HIGH FIVES!